Portfolio: Writing Literacy

Within the scope of this program, writing literacy is defined as the ability to draft an essay for specific audiences and with an appropriate citation style. As with most other elements, this skill had to be applied throughout my time as a Queens University Student. Our required citation style was APA, and probably the best example I have of actually engaging in writing literacy would be the book review I wrote on Richard Ling’s (2008) book entitled New Tech, New Ties. Here, I explained the theories Ling used to talk about what cell phones in particular are doing to us, giving pertinent examples with quotations and page number. At the review’s conclusion, I noted for which groups of readers this title might be most useful.

As a blogger with extensive subscription and social media following, it is important for me to be able to understand for whom certain readings and writings might be of interest. These kinds of reviews therefore helped me improve assessment by understanding context and content of a given piece of writing. I also can look at broader analytics, such as post views and the like, and thus get a sense of whether people are in fact clicking on and presumably reading what has been written therein. I then tailor my essays to fit both what I know well and what seems to be most popular among my readership.

Moving into my career, however it ends up looking in the end, it will always be important for me to evaluate what is or is not relevant. As emphasized in various courses of study while a student here, it can be bad to simply jump on the next trend with anything. But without question, a writer is going to connect with his or her audience better if the audience and their preferences are known, even if one, that one being me, wishes to expand those perceived preferences by providing knowledge and information.


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